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An intrusion alarm system is a system that monitors and detects unwanted entry into a structure. When an intruder opens the doors or windows, the electric circuit is disrupted and the flow of electricity is interrupted. The signal is sent to the control panel when there is a stoppage in the flow of electricity in the device.

The obvious presence of an intruder alarm system can deter someone with possibly malicious intentions from attempting to cause harm to your organization.

Intrusion/ Burglar Alarms

They are available in wired and wireless systems options. They consist of PIR sensors, Magnetic Contacts, Hooters, Keypads, Dailler, Glass Break Detector, Vibration Sensor, Panic Switch, etc. These systems are a must have for Bungalows, Residence, Critical Facilities like Banks etc. To ensure peace of mind for your home or business by detecting and alarming any unauthorized entry.

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