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Security Solutions For Educational Institution

Security Solutions For Educational Institution

CCTV, EPABX, Fire Alarm System, PA system, PRI & ILL, Access control & RFID/Biometric based attendance, GPS solutions for buses.

For educational institutions, their security is the most important thing. The students are in the most risk environment and the institution is responsible for their safety. The security level should be the best one and updated continuously. The safety of the students and to have up to date equipment to serve them needs is being prioritized by every educational institution.

Electronic Access Control
Using electronic access control, you may restrict access to your school to just students, employees, and authorized people. Advanced systems that combine with video surveillance and intercom features to let staff members speak with guests and grant them admission can block any dangerous third-parties at the door.
Intrusion and Theft Protection
You must also safeguard your facilities from after-hours threats. Looking for motion, glass breaks, door contacts, and panic buttons that warn you to break-ins is part of intrusion detection. We may conduct an audit to identify the most vulnerable places to theft or unlawful access and install strong security solutions.
Video Surveillance
Although it is not the sole aspect of school security, it is an important one. Video surveillance can provide monitoring that is tailored to your unique facility. Zoning will notify you when someone enters specified zones, and real-time movements are available on many cameras via remote systems on internet-enabled devices.
Fire and Hazard Detection
A fire alarm system is needed in most places, but you may go above and beyond. Connect your security system to your danger detection system and immediately notify authorities and inhabitants from wherever you are. Detect gas, carbon monoxide, and smoke to ensure the safety of students and employees. We may also install heat detectors in locations where smoke is likely to be present, such as the kitchen.
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