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Automatic gates are used to restrict entry to a restricted area. Most typically, automatic gates are utilized at the facility’s entry to manage automobile access on and off the property.

If you are concerned about your privacy, a Gate Automation System is an excellent investment. It will keep cars out of your driveway and visitors from walking into your business. This can help to prevent the possibility of theft and the potential for others to look into your property.

Swing doors

A swing-door operator (or swing-door opener or automatic swing-door operator) is a device that operates a swing door for pedestrian use. It opens or helps open the door automatically, waits, then closes it. They are mostly used in offices, High end residential buidings, Bungalows.

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Automatic Sliding Gates

Automatic sliding gates are used in factories or places where vehicular traffic is low

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Boom Barriers

A boom barrier, also known as a boom gate, is a bar, or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular access through a controlled point. Typically the tip of a boom gate rises in a vertical arc to a near vertical position. Boom gates are often counterweighted, so the pole is easily tipped. Boom gates are often paired either end to end, or offset appropriately to block traffic in both directions. Some boom gates also have a second arm which hangs 300 to 400 mm below the upper arm when lowered, to increase approach visibility, and which hangs on links so it lies flat with the main boom as the barrier is raised. Boom Barriers are ideal for high end Residential societies, Toll booths, Commercial Complex with high vehicular traffic.

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