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A biometric attendance system is one that employs organic matter to track who enters and exits a building. The most prevalent types of RFID-based attendance systems use employees’ fingerprints to identify them and record the time they clocked in or out of the office.

The main uses of biometric systems and devices are identification and authentication. Biometric devices are most commonly used in security, banking, mobile access and authentication, law enforcement, public transport, schools, home assistants, and building access.

Biometric/RFID Attendance and Access Control Systems

We provide multiple leading brands with various models to suit the requirements of small offices with less than 10 employees to large corporates with 1000+ employees. The time attendance systems are available with multiple combinations of Biometric finger, RFID card, numeric password and face recognition. We offer everything from basic standalone access control systems to high-end multi-door centrally controlled access control systems. for MS-Access, MySql, and Oracle. We are partners with leading payroll and HR suite software like Spine to cater to complex payroll, HR, Asset tracking, etc.

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