Surveillance systems

IR Dome Camera

Suitable for indoor surveillance requirment with aesthetic fit. They are available in IP/Analog Technology with various resolutions.

IR Bullet Camera

Suitable for outdoor surveillance requirment with metal body having IP66 or Higher Protection to withstand tough weather conditions. They come in different lens and varied IR light to cover narrow to very large space coverage. Installing the right lens and IR light combination models is the key to recognisation and identification.

PTZ Dome Camera

These are Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras which is use for the survelliance for indoor and outdoor. Basically used for monitoring large areas with keyboard controls to Pan, Tilt, Zoom into the required area / subject.

Box Camera

Though they appear almost like a bullet camera , these type of cameras are used for identification purpose. They are used in combination with externally attached adjustible lenses which have special features of auto IRIS or manual adjustment. Hence they are used for special application of Automatic Number Plate Recognation(ANPR). In facilities where identifacation is critical they are prefered.


They come in various models with channels starting from 4, 8, 16, 24, 32, 64, etc. However the 4, 8 and 16 channel are most commonly deployed as they are more economical. The entry level DVR come with capacity to accomodate 1 HDD however higher models have additional capacity of 2 or more HDD's. Output can be in various modes likes VGA, HDMI, CVBS and Network. Mobile view over network is provided for easy monitoring whenever required with optional alarms and notifications.

Network video recorder (NVR)

They are used for storage of IP cameras recording and have starting from 1 HDD to Multiple HDD depending on the model selected. They have more advanced analytics support then analog with higher resolution. Hence gradually the shift is from Analog to IP technology.

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